4 Benefits of Using Split Type-Type Inverter Air Conditioners

Split Type AirconSplit-type air-conditioners, also known as inverter systems, are more expensive than conventional window type air conditioners. But, more people are choosing to get the split inverter systems because they offer many great benefits.

These advantages stem from the type of compressor a split air-conditioning system uses. Conventional systems use an on/off compressor, which turns on when the thermostat is set to cool and turns off when the desired temperature is reached. The cycle is repeated every time room temperature rises above the desire temperature.

With an inverter system, the compressor is turned on all the time. But it operates quickly or slowly depending on the temperature of the room.

Because the compressor is turned on all the time, you get the following benefits.

You help save the environment

An inverter system uses three to four times less energy than a traditional cooling system. Most inverter air-conditioners also use a refrigerant that contains only HFC, not HCFC. HFC does not have the chlorine component that damages the ozone and contributes to global warming.

You save money

A compressor turning on and off all the time uses a massive amount of energy. Because an inverter system has an always-on compressor, you can save as much as 50% of your usual cooling costs every year, saving you more money in the long run than a regular air-conditioner.

It provides more comfort

Split-type air conditioners can cool a room much faster than other cooling systems. After the desired temperature is reached, the compressor is then regulated to maintain it at that temperature to reduce temperature fluctuations. Inverter systems are also far quieter than other air-conditioners.

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It can serve as a heating system too

Depending on the brand and model, some split-type air-conditioners have a feature that can be used as a heat pump during the winter. For example, some Fujitsu inverter split system models can serve double-duty as a heater. These systems use refrigerant to draw heat from the outside and into the home.

Although you pay more upfront for a split-type air-conditioner, you’re actually using up less energy and saving more money in the long run. Your comfort also becomes a top priority as inverter split systems can cool a room faster and maintain the desired temperature, without making a lot of noise all throughout.