4 Health Risks Indirectly Caused By Power Outages

Emergency light turned on due to power outagePower outages are an inconvenience. Many of our daily routines involve using electric appliances and tools, from brushing our teeth to illuminating a room. Disruptions in the power supply would put a stop to many of our basic necessities, which in turn impacts our health.

It is important to be ready for any eventuality. Legacy Heating & Air points out that everyone is vulnerable to power interruptions. Even progressive cities sometimes face power supply problems, too. If you are unprepared, you’ll face the following concerns:

Contaminated Food

Meats and certain kinds of food need refrigerating to stay fresh and edible. More importantly, the low temperature prevents bacterial growth which can cause spoilage and food poisoning. Fortunately, refrigerators can stay cool for four hours, provided you keep them closed. According to the FDA, as long as the temperature in the fridge stays 40OF or lower, your food should be safe. However, if the fridge’s temperature is higher than 40OF for two hours or more, you’ll need to discard the meats and poultry.

No Heating

Power outage in winter creates a huge health risk for homes relying on electric heating. Young children and seniors will be the most vulnerable if there is no adequate heating at home. Adding to our troubles is the power surge, which may damage the electric components of heating systems.

No Drinking Water

The EPA enforces strict standards to public water systems in the US; but, for good measure, many households still installed a supplementary water cleaning system. They run on electricity, which means that drinking water becomes a problem for houses that rely on these filters and don’t keep drinking water in stock.

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Inaccessible Public Health Services

The scope of health issues will multiply if power outages will also affect public health services (this can happen when there’s a calamity like flooding or widespread fire). Running out of phone battery is a problem if someone needs immediate medical attention. Without electricity for communication and Internet research, a minor health issue could escalate to a more serious condition.