4 New Ways to Customize Your Living Space

Inside a houseThe only place that’s better than a home is a home that truly reflects the owner’s unique sense of style. The best way to have a personalised one is to commission it from scratch, but sometimes that’s not an option. If you must work with a space you already have, then follow these simple tips to customise it:

Start with the interior doors

Many homeowners don’t know this, but choosing the right custom size interior doors can upgrade the appearance of living spaces big time. The size is not the only thing you can customise, though. You can also opt for a unique shape and style to add more character to your doors.

Use your favorite colors

If you’re into pink, for example, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t splash it around your living space. The idea, after all, is to create a space that reflects your unique preferences. Of course, you need to combine hues creatively for the best effect. And no, painting isn’t the only way to spread your favorite color around. Use throw pillows carpets and furniture, too.

Hang your art collection

Do you love to paint? Then why not show off some of your artwork on your home’s blank walls? Even if you’re not so good with canvas yet still adore fine art, you can hang some of it on your walls. Don’t worry about spending a fortune on a masterpiece, even some nicely framed cut-outs from a magazine will do just fine.

Display your travels

If you love traveling, displaying some postcards and photos of some great destinations you’ve been to in your living space. You could also add some words to the photos for greater effect. Show off souvenirs that you brought back from the trip, too.

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Your home is the perfect place to communicate your unique style, so make it as customised as you can. The great news is that personalising your living space is more a matter of creativity than money.