4 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathtub on a Budget

Bathtub Replacing a dated tub feels a pretty cinch task to do, but the reality is it’s not. The cost of a basic bathtub can be as low as $150 although the price does not include the hiring a contractor, a tile setter, and a plumber. This doesn’t include the necessary materials and the cost of demolition either.

Note that bathtubs are built in an alcove, fortified on wall finishes and floors to create a waterproof seal. Heavenly Walk In Tubs noted that other styles, like safety bathtubs, even have doors to make it easier for the elderly and people with disability to enter. As such, the entire cost could go up to $3000.

If you’re planning to revamp the bathroom, here are some simple safety bathtub upgrades you can get done:

  • Cleaning the bathtub

Cleaning a bathtub is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of updating safety bathtubs. You may use professional-grade soap scum removers that don’t need abrasive pads. Diluted bleach can get rid of any mold or mildew buildup, while hydrogen peroxide could clean tiles and grout. Remember to rinse in between the chemicals, though.

  • Replace fixtures

Fixtures like handles, faucets and showerheads lose their beauty and function over time, so you need to replace them. If they are intact and dirty, a little scrubbing can restore their appearance.

  • Using tub liners

Send photos of your dated tub to a local installer, so they can send them to a company specializing in tub lining. This company then forms an exact model of the old tub on a sheet of ABS-acrylic. They will slip the resulting liner over the tired tub, making it appear as good as new. Leave this job to a local tub installer, so you can fit and install the liner in a safe manner.

  • Reglazing the tub

If the safety bathtubs have developed chips and scratches, you should consider reglazing or refinishing. A tub repair kit may come in handy to help repair the defects and enhance the tub’s appearance. Complete the look by applying a fresh coat of gel or epoxy paint. To save on cost, most folks prefer a DIY re-glazing project that can be pretty time-consuming.

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These few ideas should give help you revamp your safety bathtub without breaking the bank. If you’re still in doubt of your capabilities, call an expert.