6 Christmas Lighting Ideas to Level Up Your Decorating Game

christmas tree with lightsChristmas lighting is always a part of the holiday season. It suits both indoor and outdoor decorations. The best part about it is that they don’t take much space. You can use municipal Christmas lighting to outline the base of your roof. You can also set it as reversed arches. If you want to level up your lighting game, you can try the following ideas:

Neon Colors

Christmas lights with neon colors add a splash of playfulness to your decors. Aside from lining your home and trees, you can place those lights into your trees with bare branches. The lights make an illusion of fun, colorful and bright trees and bushes.

White Lights

Most decors come in green and red, but metallic colors are also a trend. White lights complement most of these colors, as well. If you want, you can go all-white. Decorate your roof, windows, trees, plants, garden, and other ornaments with nothing but white Christmas lights and garlands. No other theme looks more elegant than that.

Cascading Lights

Cascading lights work well with diverse decorating themes. These look whimsical yet sophisticated. You can hang them in window frames and roof bases and they can match trees and stair rails as well.

Lights in Bottles

Lights in bottles are inspired by snow globes. You can place these on tables and counters. You can also put the bottles in your yard. For a more vibrant look, use classic Christmas lights whose bulbs are bigger than newer versions.

Fake Fire Pit

It takes time and effort to set up a fire pit in your yard. Instead of a real one, why not feature a fake fire pit? You can use twigs and Christmas lights to do that. You can set up several fake fire pits for a brighter yard.

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Roof Outline and Cover

If your house has multiple peaks, you can emphasize those by outlining them with Christmas lights. If yours only has a single yet wide peak, you can opt to cover it with lights. It is like snow on top of your roof.

There are a lot of Christmas lighting ideas you can try. If you want something bold and bright, it might be better to hire a professional designer to do that for you. Hiring a professional saves you the time and effort needed to set up wonderful lighting.