8 Essential Tools For Your Daily Cooking

Kitchen ToolsMore than a necessity, food has gone to becoming an indulgence. People around the globe crave not only for technological advancements but also for flavour innovations, making tourists look forward to food trips. This trend in society makes most of the population hooked on cooking.

Rounded-up Basic Cooking Tools

Here’s a list of tools you’d need when you venture into the culinary world as a cook or chef.

Knife – A good piece of a knife will determine your efficiency in cooking – a chef’s knife for dealing with larger stuff and a small paring knife for the smaller ones. Nothing beats the comfort a sharpened steel can give you so never forget to check out the best knife sharpener around Australia.

Skillet – As the workforce of the kitchen that does most of the cooking, you should have a good, non-stick one. It may sound weird but a heavy pan can give you more control. Finally, opt for a pan with a lid. It can come in handy for braising.

Cutting Board – A large, solid wooden cutting board will come easy on your blades giving you nice rhythm and ease.

Tongs – A firm grip to your food means good manoeuvre control. Cooking is about precision and timing, a pair of tongs assists you in achieving that.

Wooden Spoons – Wooden spoons is best used for stirring hot foods because the heat radiates less towards the handle.

Saucepan – A non-stick surface may be swiftly cleaned resulting in cooking time efficiency.

Large Pot – A heavy dutch oven for stovetop or oven cooking

Casserole Dish – For baking and roasting, 13×9 inch casserole is irreplaceable

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Quality Versus Quantity

Putting up a kitchen doesn’t need to be expensive. You can always apply your thrifty measures and ideas while making sure you are not sacrificing the quality. The right approach to saving may determine success in minimising cost or unintentionally spending more.

Extravagance in buying a skillet is a necessity. Being the labour force of the kitchen, consider pan options as an investment. A good block of a sturdy wooden cutting board will eventually be cheaper than buying plastic ones every now and then. Lastly, having a food processor is a thing the kitchen can operate without but be surprised with the difference of having one. You only choose once, consider quality over cost.

Now you can apply your thrifty ideas in completing your basic kitchen necessities. Once done, you can begin your cooking adventure taking in mind that tools are just assistive mechanisms to a successful cooking. It is the heart and passion for food and the “deep why” behind it that makes the flavour delightful.