A Taste of Luxury Hotels in Your Own Home

Hotel LivingSome people believe that living in luxury oftentimes involves shelling out thousands of dollars. But the truth is, having a taste of hotel living right in the comfort of your home need not come at the expense of your hard-earned budget.

If you want to make your home feel like a luxury hotel, here are a few tips from Hard Rock Homes that may come handy.

  • Opt for more neutral colors. Hotels come in different themes, but some of the most elegant stay-in accommodations follow neutrality as a source of luxury. If you’re in for the ride, keep your furniture, walls, and flooring neutral—this allows you to have an easier approach in changing from one theme to another.
  • Layer on decorative linen. Spice up your bedroom by layering decorative pillows that range in textures and patterns. Further accentuate the vibe by patterning it with plain or minimally printed covers.
  • Splurge in luxurious towels. Splurging does not necessarily mean buying everything that meets the eye—it’s about choosing the best towels that are made with the finest quality fabric. Since hotels have an abundance of high-quality towels, decorate your personal bathroom with towels that range in colors and sizes, giving your personal lavatory a touch of a five-star hotel.
  • Use carefully selected furniture and other décor pieces. Luxury hotels, given the demands of its target market, are furnished with the finest pieces that are not usually found in ordinary stay-ins. If you want to up your luxury living, consider replacing some of your furniture pieces to match a high-end taste.
  • OR re-construct your space with built-in furniture. Most hotel owners want to incorporate a more personal feel to their rooms, giving a taste of home to their customers. If you want to spruce up your bedroom with a hotel feel, you might want to consider seeking the help of homebuilders to achieve a professionally done architecture.
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Living luxuriously doesn’t require you to stay in hotels for a longer period—in fact, you can bring the hotel vibe into your own home. Just bear in mind to keep things simple, as the best luxury comes in the less ostentatious.