AC Matters: Proper Sizing Means Efficient Cooling

An AC InstallerWhile many believe that a bigger air conditioner provides better cooling, this is not necessarily true. It is important to know that an oversized unit is less efficient, as it wastes energy. If you buy or install a larger AC, it can cool the space quickly, but only remove some of the humidity. The result is a damp-feeling room that is also clammy and uncomfortable.

A proper-sized unit, however, will not just promote better humidity, but also improve your overall comfort. This is also energy-efficient, resulting in lower electricity bills and fewer appliance repairs and problems.

AC installers at provide further information and a few strategies for better cooling:

Knowing the Appropriate Size

It is best to measure the size of the space or location that needs cooling. If you need it for a larger room, it is best to consult a contractor to determine the right size and unit for the space. Apart from the room size, your contractor will also make other recommendations based on different factors such as insulation levels, and R-values of your windows and doors.

Lowering Cooling Loads

Household features, such as air sealing, increased insulation, and high performance windows can help you reduce your cooling load. In this case, you can buy or install a smaller and a more affordable unit. You can also lighten your load by turning off unnecessary appliances, using exhaust fans to remove humidity, or painting your house with light colors.

The Issue with Smaller Units

Oversized units are not the only ones that waste energy. The same is also true for undersized air conditioners. This is because they will need to work much harder and operate constantly to cool a space. Units with a low-capacity cooling system will also devalue quickly, particularly if it is cooling a spacious area for long periods.

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An oversized conditioner can negatively affect the overall comfort of your home. There is a tendency that the unit may turn on and off frequently, without operating long enough to cool the space or remove humidity. This will also use more energy, resulting in increased bills. It is better to consult contractor to pick the right size of AC for your needs.