Dangers at Home: The Health Effects of Dust and Molds

Vacuuming Dirty Carpet in HouseThe house is one of the safest places for you and your family. But, it can also harbor hidden dangers that can cause illness. One of the most common causes of illness and allergies among kids inside the house is the presence of dust and molds. Despite the dry climate in Utah, black mold and mold allergies are quite common.

Many individuals only think about these dangers when they see them. They’re inconvenient and pesky. However, they do not realize that dust and molds are actual threats to human health. Dust inside the house may also contain amounts of toxic chemicals. Some toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke, pesticide, and other chemicals may actually attach to dust particles.

Here are the health effects of dust and molds inside the house:


Dust particles and molds can cause a range of allergic reactions. For individuals with asthma, the inhalation of these particles may lead to an attack. Other allergic reactions include irritation of the eyes, sneezing, coughing, and skin rashes.

Respiratory Problems

Some chemicals in dust particles may cause lung irritation. Lung scarring and fibrosis happen when asbestos and quartz are present in the dust particles circulating inside the home. Moreover, if the dust particles contain bacteria and viruses, this may result in lung infections like pneumonia or bronchitis, which can be life-threatening if they’re not treated accordingly. Hiring professional carpet cleaning in Utah helps reduce the risks associated with dust inhalation and mold build up.

Systemic Toxic Effects

When the dust particles inhaled contain toxic chemicals like lead, they could cause systemic toxic effects. These occur when the chemicals in the dust particles seep into the bloodstream and cause various effects on the different organs in the body.

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Dust and molds inside the house may seem harmless or just annoying dirt that needs cleaning. However, they do harm to the body if not cleaned properly. Make sure you clean your house properly to prevent dust and molds from accumulating.