Electrical Emergency: How to Deal with It

Electrician Repairing Electrical SocketThe use of electricity is relatively safe these days, thanks to the proper tools and safety measures ensured by appliance companies. However, accidents caused by faulty electrical wirings or exposure to natural elements do happen from time to time. When this occurs, the presence of mind and right actions are needed to save your property and even lives of those involved.

Here’s what to do:

1. Stay away from live electrical wires

There are different kinds of electrical problems. Simple ones involve just your appliances turning off or your whole house without electricity. When this happens, calling your trusted electrical services provider in Salt Lake City can be done. However, when live wires are involved, any attempt to fix the broken wires should be left behind, unless you have appropriate training and knowledge about the situation. Keep clear of the affected area and go somewhere safe while making sure any flammable objects or water does not come into contact with the source.

2. Switch main power sources off

Survey the area. If possible and safe, do turn off the primary power source to cut off any energy running through the property. Doing so can help prevent further accidents and short circuits.

3. Administer first aid

If someone comes in contact with a live wire, do not come in contact with them. Otherwise, you will be electrocuted as well. The longer the victim is in contact with electricity, the more fatal the shock would be. Turn the main power off if possible. If not, use a non-conductor like wood and rubber to clear the victim off the area. Make sure water and damp materials are not present when rescuing the victim.

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4. Call for professional help

Immediately call 911 if the electricity poses a danger and hazard to your property and your family.

Safety should be your number one priority. Remember to keep a calm mind to take the necessary and proper steps when faced with such situations.