Every Room a Masterpiece: Making Your Design Ideas Work for Your Home

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If you were given the chance to design or redesign a room or even an entire floor of your own house, how would you go about it? It’s an exciting and daring responsibility and your choices could make or break your creative reputation. Before offering up that inspired first draft, check the following design principles first.


Focus pertains to the idea that something in the room calls the attention of your guest or viewer, explains an expert from Urban95. Imagine bringing your guests into your redesigned room and, once they’re done admiring the bigger changes, will focus on this special object such as the new patchwork cowhide rugs in the middle of the room.


A room and its furniture and décor should live up to a family’s standard of comfort and livability. Just because you can afford an expensive item doesn’t mean you should put it in your home. That type of conspicuous consumption only leads to disappointment in the long run and a piece of furniture that doesn’t really belong anywhere.


In line with the thought above, a room should also be open to change. Create your room with an eye for future renovations and changes, whether minor or major. If a table seems perfect where it is, consider the next major purchases in the following year. Will the new furniture match the existing ones? What rooms are the most adaptable to this change?


Here’s where the principle of design truly begins and ends. Is your family able to enjoy the room by its own virtues? Does it feel like you can sit back and relax in your living room, eat and be merry in the kitchen, and sleep comfortably in your bed?  Will your child be able to co-exist with your design?

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Remember, your ultimate goal is to enjoy your house and not turn it into a commercial venue. Design isn’t just for looks. It covers function, appeal, and sustainability. Bring these qualities to every room you work on and you are sure to create a comfortable and appealing home.