Everyday Things that Attract Creepy Crawlies

Pest Control in SandyA home infested with pests can be the stuff of nightmares. They can be found even in the cleanest and neatest of homes. They could be health hazards and be embarrassing when the neighbors come round.

Think of an infestation as a sickness — your home is sick, and you need to find the cause to give it the right cure. Even the best exterminators in Utah won’t get rid of your pests permanently if there’s something in your home that continues to attract it. Use this checklist to assess whether your house might be attracting pests:

Stagnant water can attract mosquitoes. Check your property for places that can collect water without being noticed. Lids and buckets left out are major culprits, as are birdbaths.

Trash bins are paradise for most pests. Storing bins without cleaning just invites trouble. All it takes are damp remnants of garbage and it’s breeding ground central for creepy crawlies. High humidity incubates insects. You may be keeping yourself warm, but you’re also giving pests a warm home to procreate by the thousands.

Outdoor lighting invites pests with wings. We’re not just talking about small bugs. You could be attracting bats into your property, or grounded critters like filthy rodents. Plants are natural fodder for insects. A thriving garden comes with a few insects, sure, but improper placement could lead with them inside the house.

Unattended corners or debris attracts spiders. Spiders are drawn in by food from your home, but they thrive when they find a safe, undisturbed place on your property.

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Mess, clutter, and food attract rodents. Rats just want a warm place to stay. Rodents may be calling your untidy garage or unchecked pantry home.

A pest-free home is a healthy, happy home. Once you’ve found the root cause of your pest problem, you can better work with your exterminators to get rid of them once and for all.