Expert Insights on Drying Out Wet Walls After Water Damage

Repainting a Drying Out Wall in Salt Lake CityAfter water damage, you have to think about immediate restoration. Whether you are dealing with the problem at home or at the workplace, any water damage situation in Utah can lead to a health hazard. This is especially true if you are dealing with wet walls and ceilings, says AAA Restoration.

Wet furniture can be dried out in the sun. What can you do to ensure the walls are not harboring moisture that might give rise to a mold infestation? Let expert insights quell your fears. Here are some of the key elements of drying and restoring wet walls after a flooding or a storm.

Removing Water and Wet Matter

Severe storm can inundate an area for hours leading to flooding of a few feet high. Contaminated water is not the only danger associated with water damage. You have to be prepared to remove not just standing water, which may cause illness due to the microorganisms they contain, but sections of walls and ceilings, too. Thoroughly wet structures may also pose a hazard to health if they are not dried out completely. Saturated walls and ceilings may not be salvageable anymore. If it is impossible to restore, then rid your home or workplace of the wall. Remove insulation that is not usable anymore as well. In addition, check laminated floors and expose potential areas of saturation underneath.

Drying Out Hacks

You do not have to remove a wall that is still functional and salvageable. You only have to dry it out completely. When time is off the essence, open the doors and windows to improve ventilation indoors. Use fans and dehumidifiers to move air around. To accelerate the drying process, remove all the attachments on the wall. Dry wall hangings out in the sun.

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Lastly, remember that moisture may be trapped at the baseboards, so deal with them adequately. Moldings may harbor pockets of water as well, so pay attention. You may attend to these matters yourself, but you can always call on professionals to give you a hand.