Getting Rid of Rubbish at Work: Cleanliness and Processes

Cluttered DeskFrom actual clutter to the red tape that clogs up work processes, there are many types of rubbish that keep your business from achieving its maximum profitability. You might think that the physical trash that accumulates in your work areas has nothing to do with your business’s potential for growth, but that is not the case.

Here are some pointers to help your company reach its full potential.

Clean Up Your Premises

Your surroundings have an effect on how you approach work. A cluttered desk, for example, is not only a possible health hazard; studies suggest when you see all the clutter on your desk, the Post-Its on your computer monitor, the half-eaten sandwich in your drawer, you become less focused on your work. You are distracted and you feel tired faster. Not only that, all the rubbish is bound to harbour bacteria and allergens.

It does not take much to correct this problem before it becomes monumental. Clear your desk at the end of the day, every day. Set a limit for how much work you are supposed to accomplish in a day, so you can avoid having piles of documents on your desk and the chairs near you. As for the company premises, hire a cleaning company to make things tidy, starting from the toilet to the offices to the parking lot. Areas and things you normally ignore may also be hiding accumulated dirt and even mould. According to Contour, it does not cost a lot to have pipe boxings hide your exposed pipes, a clogged downspout to be unclogged and the parking area to be free from leaves and branches. A clean work area is enjoyable and refreshing to work in, and your customers, clients and guests will appreciate it.

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Clean Up Your Processes

You may need to brainstorm with your employees regarding cleaning up the processes that make your company work. In some cases, a consultant may be needed. They will observe your processes and recommend solutions to make them work faster and with more reliability. Some processes may need updated technology, such as using the Cloud for storage and collaborative work. Still some others may be candidates for outsourcing — an inexpensive, less distracting solution.

You may think these are unnecessary distractions, but taking care of the clutter and red tape — which are the real distractions — will help your company become more effective. You’ll also save more money in the long term.