Home Design Trends to Help Create Your Dream Home

House plan draftFew people get the chance to build a custom house from the ground up, and you can make the most out of the experience by building your dream home.

A new home construction in Lakeville, MN, however, will take more out of you than you think. You have to consider hundreds of details, whether they’re big or small. To make things easier in the decision-making process, you can consider the following design and architectural trends:

Be Unique with an A-Frame Home

For the general structure of your home, consider an A-frame. A-frame houses used to be popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s as lakeshore, ski town, and mountain resort dwellings, but have fallen out of favor in the subsequent decades. Today, A-frame houses have made a comeback because of their unique look and economically and environmentally low-impact benefits.

Use Glass or Millwork for Walls

Zooming closer to your home, you can add floor-to-ceiling windows that can bring in large amounts of natural lighting. The windows can also help create illusions of space, which make even small rooms appear big. When you want more privacy, however, you can install millwork feature walls instead. Millwork grants your home a sense of style at a small cost.

Style Rooms with Statement Floors

As for your floors, you can place statement tiles that add to the overall look of a room. Living rooms and bathrooms, for example, can uphold certain aesthetic flavors that can be completed with statement floors. This trend can even work well with millwork feature walls.

Clean Your Dog with a Shower

When it comes to specific features, you may want a dog shower if you own a dog. Dogs gather dirt when outdoors, and a dog shower can easily clean your pooch up before it dirties your house. Dog showers can also come in handy when you want to wash muddy equipment or gear.

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Did you find something you like? The trends above can make for great features in your new home, allowing you to cross off some considerations. Now you can focus on other aspects of the construction.