How Do You Choose Window Shutters? By Considering These Factors, Of Course

a woman opening the curtainsPoorly-chosen window shutters can have a negative effect on your home’s appeal and even its value. So, whether your house is located in New Jersey (NJ) or any part of the US, here are a couple of tips on how to choose the best shutters for your windows.


There are several shutter styles that you can choose from depending on your area’s climate. Humid climates need to have louvered shutters to keep out the weather but still keep the air flow circulating the room.

On the other hand, homes located in colder climates need to have paneled shutters where the wind might damage window frames.


Authentic wood shutters are the most famous type of shutters around. However, it might require repainting every once in a while or even replacement. Another option is vinyl shutters. However, there are various types of vinyl shutters that you have to be mindful of its quality.

Most quality vinyl shutters keep their color longer. Composite shutters balance both durability and authenticity. It’s often a combination of PVC, fiberglass and engineered wood.


Lastly, see if the shutters go well with your home’s color scheme. Always remember that shutters should have the same color as the windows but should have a different color with the trim or siding.

Be careful with choosing the color of the shutters because it might blend in too much with the wall, making your windows appear dull and boring. White is the safest color to choose since it blends well with other colors.

These are just some tips to consider when choosing the right shutters for your windows. You might want to look at magazines or websites to get some inspiration. You should always choose quality over the price of the material to ensure that it’ll last longer.