Inside Out: Weatherproofing Your Exterior Wood Door from Inside the House

Weatherproofing Your Exterior Wood DoorThe beauty and robust quality of natural wood doors are incomparable, but the biggest drawback is that wood wears out when exposed to the elements over time. The good news is that you can have that knotty and rustic entry door without having to worry that it may warp or succumb to moisture. How? The trick is to weather-proof it from inside your home.


Water, in all its forms, can damage wood, especially the ones with a hollow core. Water, whether in the form of rain, moisture or snow, can seep into the wood, staining the surface and degrade its structural integrity. Wood sealers are the best solution to dodge the harmful effects of water. When damage has been done, you can undo the damage by erasing the stains, fixing the nicks and scratches, and apply two layers of wood sealers.


Caulking door frame cracks and filling gaps is not just for insulating your home’s interior, it is also a way to protect your exterior door from harsh winter conditions. Exterior and interior caulking is a cost-effective way of keeping the moisture out of the house and preventing mildew and ugly molds to colonize your home. If your home interior remains dry and the temperature is steady, your wood door will not warp or bend. To match with your exterior front door colors, choose among colored caulks for sale in hardware stores or online.


The wind is also one of your door’s enemies. In the dead of winter, the cool wind will find its way through those little drafts and gaps around your windows and doors, assaulting your home. Keeping your wood door air-tight and weather-stripping it will keep it dry and intact when it gets windy. To aid in your weather-stripping tricks, it’s best to have rows of tall shrubs around your house that help divert the wind. But since wind patterns can be unpredictable, it’s best to seal those air pockets and keep the wind out.

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The best way to weather-proof your door is to start from the inside of your home. If you keep your home at an ideal temperature, especially throughout the winter, you can prevent moisture and water-related damages that cause damage to your wood doors and furniture.