Interior Redesign: Trends in Blinds

Trends in BlindsTired of the furnishings in your home? Perhaps it is time for some redesigning. You can choose to move your furniture around. You can think of stylish ornaments to go on your home’s walls. You can also swap out your window blinds for the latest trends. Let your imagination take you everywhere.

Time for Vibrancy and Boldness

As you redesign the interiors of your home, here are some blinds trends that you can consider in your redesign. The time for minimalism is almost gone as bold, vibrant patterns and colours are making their way back. As you choose your vibrant colour and intricate detailing, you can make sure that your blinds match the general look and feel of the room the blinds will be in.

Two Better than One

Do you have simple roller blinds? You can now swap them with dual roller blinds from that are gaining in popularity. With dual roller blinds, you can have one blind to block sunlight during the day, but you can still see outside your window. You can also have another blind that completely blocks out all light.

Nature’s Home

For houses which have roman, Venetian, plantation, and vertical blinds, you can design the interior of your home to have a nature theme. Earthy colours for your blinds and exposed wood grain for Venetians are popular nowadays.

Blind Choices

Besides the colour of your blinds, you can actually choose the type of blinds you think will match the interior of your home. While roller blinds may be more minimalist, you can choose roman blinds that are much more elegant and stylish. When you want a metallic or wooden touch for your windows, you can choose Venetian or plantation shutters that come in aluminium.

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Each type of blinds offers different levels of privacy and light protection. You can easily choose blinds that offer great privacy and light protection at the same time as matching colours and designs to your home’s interior. Redesigning your home’s interiors will take some planning, but your imagination is actually the limit.

Are you ready for a new look for your home interior?