Keeping Your Lawn Lush and Lovely

Healthy lawn with gardening equipmentMaintaining a lawn is not always as easy as it seems. Many people lead busy lives and without the proper help could have a neglected front lawn and yard in no time. But you could do a few simple things that do not require too much from your time. You can quickly have the kind of lawn that many people want from Salt Lake City’s weed control yard experts. Here are some basic ways you could keep it green on your side of the fence.

Weed Them Out

The first thing you should do is get rid of the first sign of weeds. Weeds grow quickly and can easily take over your yard. They also take all the nutrients and water from your plants. Be sure to know the signs if your lawn is beginning to grow weeds, and remove them immediately. If you need professional help, consult the services of a weed control expert.

Keep It Green

Once you have removed the weeds, check the lawn for dry, barren spots. These are the areas which the weed used up all the nutrients. Since your lawn grass is the foundation of your property, these empty spots are not only an eyesore but need new grass growth. Apply grass seeds to create a healthy lawn.

Water It Properly

Water your lawn regularly but make sure you do it properly. It is best to water your lawn twice or thrice a week, but you should make sure that the soil is moist six inches down. This will help make your grass lush and green. Ask your lawn care experts how much watering should be done during the winter, summer, or fall for the best results.
For many homeowners, a well-manicured and maintained lawn is the best sign that a homeowner cares about their property. Do these basic things, and you’ll find your lawn healthy and lush all year round.