Make Your Home Eco-Friendly: Here’s How

Eco-Friendly Home in St. PaulWhen it comes to home construction, opting for an environment-friendly design is the trend these days. Apart from minimizing a property’s ecological footprint, an eco-friendly home allow homeowners to save on energy bills.


Since it allows natural lighting into your home, a strategic window placement lets you reduce the need for electric lighting during daytime. You can maximize this benefit by installing double-paned windows with an airtight space between them. They provide better indoor insulation as they keep the heat (or cold) from coming out.

Roof and Ceiling

Depending on the materials, walls and roof can cause the transference of heat to the outside. Installing insulators can help prevent this. If your house has a metal roof, you can maximize its energy efficiency using ceiling insulation. You may also think about installing cedar shake roof instead. Cedar is an excellent insulator since the wood has numerous large cells that fill with air. With a cedar shake roof, your home can be warm in the winter and remain cool in the summer. This type of roof can also last for decades, but it wouldn’t hurt to regularly hire a cedar shake roof cleaning specialist to maintain its durability.

Lighting Fixtures

Standard incandescent light bulbs consume about 90-98 percent of the electricity they use because they need the energy to produce more heat than light. If you’ve been using incandescent light bulbs for some time, it is time replace them with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). CFLs produce light with less than a third of the amount of electricity that incandescent lamps use. They even last for a longer period.

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Installing insulated materials is one of the most environment-friendly improvements you can apply to your home. In addition to boosting your property’s energy efficiency, insulation will make your home more comfortable in any weather.