Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Wider Than it Looks

Modern KitchenOnly a few realize their dream of owning a kitchen with enough floor space, making it look like a restaurant kitchen. It’s a common complaint how kitchens often lack space and the homeowner can’t do anything about it. But what if you can? What if you can make your little kitchen look and feel bigger, wouldn’t you do it? Here is some advice you can follow:

Use open shelves

Cabinets take up space and make the kitchen look even smaller. You can solve this by replacing your cabinet with glass — or nothing at all. Instead of cabinets, use open shelves. It’s easier to find and grab what you need while cooking, and it opens up space to make your kitchen look slightly bigger.

Use the same color on cabinets as on walls

If you can’t get rid of the cabinet doors, at least paint them the same color as your walls. The best color for making your kitchen look more spacious is white. The brightness will make it look wider. Dark colors also have a widening effect, as the walls and cabinets look farther than they are.

Get rid of old, oversized countertops

Big countertops are great, but Countertop Manufacturer noted that if you have too little room to move, that can be a problem. If your countertops are old anyway, get new granite countertops in a size that lets you move without sacrificing too much work area. Even cutting off one inch can make a big difference.

Tear down the wall separating it from the living room

Your kitchen probably has a wall separating it from the dining area or the living room. You don’t need that wall. Unless it’s load-bearing, have it torn down or replaced with glass. In some houses, French doors separate the kitchen from the dining area. As French doors don’t block the view completely, this idea also works.

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These are only some ideas you can use to make your kitchen look more spacious. Call a professional and try them today.