Maximising Small Spaces with Beautiful Designs

Home Designs in BrisbaneAre you worried about the small spaces in your home? This is a concern shared by a lot of people; they think that the limited space prevents them from getting creative or making the most out of it. However, certain design ideas will debunk this myth. Learn what these are to make the most out of cramped areas in your house.

Build Up

According to an expert in home designs in Brisbane, if you want to make the most out of a small storage space, build up, not out. Storing shoes, books, clothes and other items in a cramped room is difficult, some sacrifice walking areas just to keep all their stuff. If you don’t want to get rid of anything, buy or build a shelf that is high enough to store your things.

Colour Combinations

Certain hues create the illusion of bigger spaces, regardless of the size of a room. Light colours such as white, yellow and orange allow you to do this. These also produce an airy atmosphere that allows an area to breathe.

Open Storage Shelves

Small kitchens make it difficult to prepare and cook food, and eat. One way to give your kitchen enough room to breathe is to use open and organised shelves. Place produce, utensils, glasses, plates and other items in a corresponding spot on the shelf to maximise space and allow more manoeuvrability.

Go Multipurpose

You save more space at home if you use pieces of furniture that have multiple uses and design your interior in a way that you can use it for many activities. Open storage shelves in the kitchen and dining room save space. Build a cabinet under the staircase to make full use of empty areas.

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These design concepts allow you to make the most out of the small and cramped spaces at home. You don’t have to sacrifice walking areas or get rid of things to free up space.