Modernizing Outdated Plumbing Systems

Plumbing System in Salt Lake City

While older model homes may seem cozy and charming, they could lack the advantages of modern plumbing systems. Outdated plumbing systems also tend to wear and become damaged over time and therefore, require maintenance to keep them in compliance with the local code.

If your home in Salt Lake City has an old bathroom plumbing, you might want to call one of your local plumbing contractors to update your system with new fixtures like the toilet, sink and probably the bathtub.

Check your system

Before you begin to modernize your bathroom, you have to check your old plumbing’s condition. Examine the walls and flooring around the old fixtures for any leaks. Check if there are old shutoff valves to stop the water flow. If there aren’t any, you should include them in your bathroom upgrade.

Some necessary components may not be part of the old plumbing system. A pressure-balancing valve, for example, should also be installed in order to stop hot or icy cold spurts of water in the shower when another tap is opened or someone flushes the toilet.

Update the old components

Under-slab plumbing issues usually occur in old homes since lead pipes were used for plumbing. This can pose a serious health hazard to your household. Have these pipes replaced with modern pipes. Have the sewage lines cleaned up, or have the entire line replaced if it is severely damaged by clogs.

Older model homes are at risk of basement flooding since the technology to prevent basement flooding may not have existed during the time the home was built. Plumbing professionals should be able to install sump pumps to get rid of excess floodwater that enters the basement.

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While old homes can have an inviting atmosphere, their plumbing is usually not that attractive and need to be modernized for better functionality and reliability. Since plumbing is not always an easy task, it is best to call in a professional company for upgrading old plumbing systems.