Pocket-Friendly DIYs: Patio Décor on a Budget

A beautiful patioYour patio is the perfect area to relax, rest and relish in the beauty of your peaceful yard. This can even serve as your sanctuary after a stressful day at work. Although, you do have to keep in mind that a neglected and poorly decorated patio will urge you to spend less time there. Learn how to design your Stratco patios in Brisbane without burning a hole in your pocket.

Decorative Patio Lights

When it comes to patio décor, your lighting will go a long way in adding a peaceful vibe to the area. Consider string lights for it would perfectly accent your patio, particularly during late night bonding with your family. It can even be great when you just want to enjoy your alone time with a drink in your hand and a book in the other. You can also take it up a notch by setting these lights in between posts, trees or awnings.

Decorative Potted Plants

Potted plants a great way to embellish your patio and stay within your budget at the same time. Try forming a container garden there and plant your favourite flowers in it. Put some potted plants on the centre table in interesting and unique containers, like an old watering can, mason jars or decorative bowls. Your creativity is your limit when it comes to this. You could even ask your youngsters to participate in this activity and have them paint the homemade pots.

Repurposed Furniture

One of the major features in your patio that would make you feel comfortable is your furniture. Since you want to spend less, repurpose your old furniture instead. Do remember to primarily choose a waterproof paint and treat the wood with a waterproof sealant to protect it from external elements.

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Your patio is an area that you and your family can enjoy, yet you have to decorate it and care for it properly to truly enjoy it. Spend some time DIY-ing your patio décor and notice your yard turning into your dream sanctuary.