Proper Thermostat Placement

someone using the thermostatThe placement of your thermostat matters when it comes to efficient cooling of the space. If it is installed on the wrong spot, it is likely for the unit to operate inefficiently and you’ll end up with uneven cooling throughout your abode. This only makes it important to know where you should and shouldn’t place your thermostat.

Where It Shouldn’t Be

When thinking about where to install your thermostat, local air conditioning repair companies in Salt Lake City such as Whipple Service Champions note that you should avoid areas that are likely to experience extreme temperatures. This is because it can fool or make the thermostat think that the room or space is cooler or warmer than it really is. Do not place your thermostat in the following places:

  • Around air vents – When you place the device here, the system is likely to cycle on and off frequently because of skewed readings. This is due to the incoming air that hits the thermostat. It will believe that the entire space has reached its target temperature before the rest of the abode has really caught up.
  • Heated spots – Device placement near the kitchen can make your thermostat think that your home is warmer than it actually is because of the heat generated by the appliances in the space. The same is true for a device heated with or placed under direct sunlight. This will cause your AC to turn on when you don’t actually need it.
  • In the hallway – Since no one stays in the hallway, placing your thermostat in this area will only affect the accuracy of the readings. You should also note that air flow is usually restricted in long and thin spaces, which only makes temperature readings a lot harder. There’s also the possibility of people walking past the device and bumping into it, which may switch the settings.
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Where It Should Be

It’s best to place your thermostat in a room or space that is frequently used. The interior wall is an ideal location, as well as the center of your home. Just make sure it’s not obstructed with shelves, doors, and other furniture pieces. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you should make sure it’s in a place where it can get a reliable Internet connection.

Don’t let a wrong placement of thermostat compromise your home’s comfort. If you’re having problems with your thermostat or air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to call experienced AC technicians for immediate repairs.