Running a Bed & Breakfast or a Motel: Tourism Business Ideas

Motel BusinessAustralia, like many other countries, is giving renewed focus to tourism and the hospitality industry. Tourism is a constantly evolving industry that supports different businesses including retail, food and beverage, and other hospitality connected businesses.

This is a good time to think about building a business that supports tourism, as the influx of tourists from around the world is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Here are a couple of ideas if you’re interested in starting a business today.

Bed and breakfast

When you think of a bed and breakfast you probably picture a very old, even historic building, or maybe a former school or office building, converted to that hybrid between a private home and a luxury hotel. Although the oldest bed and breakfasts are like that, you don’t have to find an old mansion to build one. A small establishment with at least four bedrooms would suffice. As part of your room rates, you should include some treats such as, of course, breakfast every day, served in a common dining area or in the guest’s room, as requested. You can also add some goodies like chocolates on the pillows of new arrivals, cocoa on winter afternoons, iced tea on hot ones, and other such treats that your guests will appreciate.

What separates a bed and breakfast from other similar establishments is that you live in the same premises and interact with your guests as, well, guests, instead of paying customers.


If you’d rather not interact with customers as home guests, charge lower rates and not serve breakfast at a communal dining table, perhaps you should consider running a motel. A motel near a high-traffic area, especially one close to a tourist spot, is also a great business idea. If you prefer not getting too personal as you give good customer service, this business is for you. Talk to motel brokers in NSW like about a property you can buy.

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A bed and breakfast or a motel is a good business idea now that tourism is enjoying a boost in revenues. Lower rates, popularity on social media and a renewed interest in travel give opportunities to just about anyone to invest in tourism.