Staying Safe When Installing Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights in a HomeGetting all too excited for the holiday season is understandable. The rush of holiday shopping, the number of customers lining up for their gifts to be wrapped, and the multitude of residents and commercial establishments installing their Christmas decorations to keep up with the festive spirit. It is indeed a time for joy and celebration.

But the season shouldn’t be spoiled by accidents and untoward incidents. Here’s how you can stay safe when installing Christmas lights and other decorations.

Decorating Your Place Safely before the Holidays

The key to installing municipal Christmas lights safely is to plan the displays first. Check your place for available outlets. Make sure you don’t overload your outlets to avoid fire and other accidents.

Buy only Christmas lights that have been tested for safety. Visit stores that offer lights, which have been certified by accredited agencies as safe for use. UL-listed decorations are safe, as well. You may also want to use LED display lights, as they don’t consume much energy. Before installing your municipal Christmas lights, check if there are defective bulbs or loose wiring.

Once you know they are safe for installation, make sure you are installing the lights 10 feet away from your power lines. Keep them away from inflammable or combustible materials as well. As much as possible, install them in a place where they are secure from water and wind, or in a place where they can be easily dismantled when weather conditions are unfavorable.

What to Do During the Holidays

Turn off your Christmas lights when you are leaving the establishment, or when there is an impending power interruption. Keep the lights away from moisture and flames. Make sure children and pets can’t access or reach the lights and decors.

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If you have to replace a light bulb, unplug the whole string of lights first, and then make sure the wattage of the new bulb is compatible with the rest of the light bulbs you’re using. This avoids overheating light strings and fire.

It is always important to practice and observe safety precautions when installing Christmas lights. It is better to have a safe holiday season than one marked with hazards. For increased safety, ask your Christmas lights provider if they can do the installation for you. Some companies do this for an affordable price.