The Granny Flat Revolution: Why You Should Invest in One

House in handIn Australia, a type of housing structure is making a great comeback – the granny flat. Whilst these have been around for many decades, originally designed to accommodate the elderly members of a family (hence, the name), their occupants now extend to young adults. Their popularity has increased over the years and more people all over the country have become interested in them.

With so many benefits to offer, it is a mistake not to consider a granny flat as an ideal option for a home improvement project. By working with experienced granny flat builders or kit suppliers, you can make the most of these extra residential structures.

Convenience and affordability combined

Granny flats deliver convenience and affordability to homeowners. It can accommodate two or more people, depending on the size, and you can have it built separately or as an attachment to your main house. Indeed, it is a miniature version or an extension of a house.

Many people are making these ‘tiny houses=’ their preferred dwelling option. Not only do they offer the basic features of a home; they also cost far less than traditional houses.

An ideal alternative to conventional housing options

Whilst people originally built granny flats for their elderly or ageing family members, this does not mean those who will live in them nowadays should meet a certain age requirement. They are for everyone, whether young or old. After all, these housing units are a more affordable alternative to traditional single-family residential units or even apartment rentals.

With today’s ever-increasing housing costs, granny flats offer a solution that will not hurt your budget. Whether it is for your ageing parents or a child who is turning of age soon, or perhaps you wish to generate rental income, having a granny flat built on your premises can be a smart financial decision.