The Perfect Wedding Gift: Within your Reach or Not?

Gifts for Happy CoupleWith every wedding you attend, you face the old-age question: what should you give?

The selections are endless. You’ve got the regular wedding China fallback, the matching “his and hers” jumpsuits, and even dozens of wineglasses. But will splurging on these be the right one for the happy couple?

Don’t get a gift without having thought about it carefully first. Since you want everything to be perfect for the perfect couple, it is important to take all things into consideration.

The Registry is a Big Help

It is always nice to get creative, but it can also be detrimental at the same time. According to Silsal Design House, a local gift shop, 85% of brides want gifts strictly from their registry list. At least 98% of couples have one registry list online or at a store.

4 out of 10 couples visit wedding websites with an online registry. A number of retailers make shopping easier by encouraging them to register via the Internet. Remember, your friends set up their registry for a reason — for you to stick with it!

Less than $50? Not an Option

It’s a bad idea to let price-per-plates measure how much you spend on a wedding gift. They are your closest friends and they are worth the extra money. Spend what you think is right for the couple and consider their preferences. But as much as possible, don’t spend below $50.

According to, it is reasonable to have a budget of $75 for co-workers or distant family, while a budget of $100-$150 is reasonable for close relatives or friends.

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Buy Your Gift Two Months Earlier

Some newlywed couples complain that their guests reached the “one-year rule” in terms of gifts. With the Internet making things easier for everyone, there should be no excuse. If you can’t see the happy couple, make sure to send their gift within two months of the wedding.

Wedding gifts shouldn’t be rash decisions. These are special tokens for the happy couple you love. Give them a something special for their special day.