Walk-In Bathtubs: Convenience and Comfort for Seniors

Senior Taking a BathIt is a painful life for seniors especially if they are afflicted with any illness that hinders mobility. Arthritis and other chronic illnesses can make movement more than bearable. Most seniors with such afflictions are unable to bathe on their own.

Walk-in bathtubs, as Heavenlytubs.com offers, can solve this problem.

Necessity and Not a Luxury

Sometimes, during tough economic times, it is difficult to decide whether a household item is a basic need or a luxury. But a heavenly walk-in tub is a necessity for seniors, as it allows them the freedom to bathe on their own. Without needing any help in bathing, they can regain their self-esteem in the process, as they can attend to their daily chores without much assistance from caregivers.

Defining a Walk-In Bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs, at its core, are bathtubs with doors. Senior citizens can use the door without needing to step over the edge of the bathtubs, as they would in the conventional bathtub.

When it comes to aesthetics, walk-in bathtubs come in many styles, such as those with doors opening outside or inside. They also come with jacuzzi water jets and other value-added features. Walk-in bathtubs also come in a variety of sizes, from small to medium and large sizes – they aren’t a one-size-fits-all tub.

Lastly, walk-in bathtubs carry the essential things, too – like having the option to select water level, as well as the desired temperature and depth.

Health Benefits

Walk-in bathtubs come with a slew of therapeutic and medical benefits, which are great for senior citizens. Water immersion offers low level cardiovascular exercises. Water and air massages, meanwhile, can fasten the healing of damaged joints, muscles, and tissue. Soaking in a tub can improve the health of the seniors dramatically through massages from whirlpool jets and air jets. Applying pressure on various parts of the body, especially for aged joints and muscles, is good for the health.

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Walk-in tubs can also reduce the slip-and-fall episodes, which seniors are prone to when they bathe. Overall, there isn’t any reason why walk-in tubs should be a question of luxury for seniors, as they are quite cost-effective because of the benefits they offer.