Walk Into Your Bathtub and Minimize the Risk of Fall

Senior woman relaxing in bubble bathAs you age, the body undergoes many changes: your vision is less clear, your reflexes slower, and your muscles weaker. These changes are normal, but they increase the risk of accidents and can make a person dependent on the younger members of the family. You can maintain your independence by adjusting your home to minimize the risk of accidents. Getting a walk-in bathtub for seniors to avoid slipping in the bathroom is one good example.

Falls are the Leading Cause of Visits to the ER

Falls are the primary cause of injury-related trips to the emergency room and the most common cause of accidental death in people more than 65 years old. Falls occurring at home often happen in the bathroom, where tiled floors become slippery when wet and hard surfaces abound. Common suggestions to prevent bathroom falls include the addition of grab bars and the use of benches and handheld showers when bathing. For those seniors who prefer a good soak to relax, though, a good suggestion is the addition of a walk-in bathtub.

Safety Features of a Walk-in Bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs have doors that allow the user to step right into the tub without having to climb over the side. With this design, seniors can comfortably bathe without requiring too much help. Grab bars built into the tub assist in getting up and moving around, and adding a handheld shower can minimize time spent standing. Family members can also rest assured that there is less risk of falling.

Worth the Cost

Many would think the price too steep, but prevention is the best cure. More than 800,000 patients come to the hospital every year due to head injuries or hip fractures secondary to falls. The best step to avoid these injuries is to minimize the risks by making the home safer.