Ways to Beautify Your Home with Textures

Smooth wooden textureBeautifying your home can be fun. There are a lot of design elements you can work with to enhance your place, so where will you start? You often see design ideas that focus on the colors. If you want to try something new, explore beautifying your home using textures. Here are a few ways to do it.

Use Wood

Wood is a versatile material that lends a unique appeal to any space. Make the most of it by incorporating wooden furnishings like interior barn doors, mirror and window frames, and cabinets.

If you’re getting custom built pieces, request to keep the rustic finish of the surfaces by applying thin coats of varnish and not sanding too much, as this softens the natural features of the material. At present, manufacturers and designers have different ways of refining the surface without altering the appearance of the wood, so you may want to ask for their opinion.

Use Shells

Shells lend effortless elegance to any space. Their unique colors and textures complement glass accents. A collection of shells in glass containers makes great centerpiece displays on shelves. Gather different types and put them in a clear plate or jar.

If you’re feeling creative, put in some sand for an interesting piece that reminds you of summer. You may also try decorating picture frames with them, or make candle holders and vases out of them.

Use Fabrics

Fabrics work well as coverings, and they can work just as well as wall accents and other types of décor. When incorporating them into your home’s design, decide on at most two fabric types, especially if other textured materials are on display.

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Pair heavy and rich types like leather and velvet with light and rustic décor, to balance the formal look. Make sure the color goes well with the rest of the space; use either a color with a contrasting hue or a similar shade.

Textures are a great design element. With a little creativity and improvisation, you can make different types work for your home.