Ways to Celebrate Marriage Everyday: The Five Languages of Love

Happy Couple in MIAccording to marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service and gift-giving are the five languages of love. These are the languages many couples are using from the time they were dating. Some couples have managed to stay in love, while some find themselves in the middle of confusion, arguments, deafening silence, and miscommunications. Sadly, many couples ended up feeling like strangers to each other because they have stopped “speaking” the five languages of love.

Words of  affirmation is expressing affection by speaking affectionate words that bring warmth to the heart like words of appreciation and praise. Words like ”I like the way you dress tonight” or “ You always make me laugh” are words of affirmation. 

Physical touch can be sexual or non-sexual. These include holding hands, hugging, kissing or just sitting close to each other while watching the sunset – any physical contact to express affection.

Quality time is expressed by giving undivided attention or simply by spending time doing the things couples like to do like walking, eating together, or just sitting in comfortable silence.

Acts of service include doing things that the significant others wish their partners would do for them. Perhaps, a man can serve the wife by cooking her favorite dish, vacuuming or emptying the washer.

Giving a gift, of all five the languages, is the most tangible. Buying her favorite perfume or surprising him with a watch are some examples. Vandersalm’s Flowershop notes that calling a florist in Kalamazoo, MI, to send your spouse prettily arranged flowers is also a great idea.

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You don’t have to wait for your anniversary to surprise your spouse. You can communicate your love and appreciation through the different languages of love.