When Water Damage Hits Your Property

Water Damaged WallWater damage is the most common insurance claim made by home and business owners. Leaky appliances, frozen and burst pipes, overflowing rivers, and storms are often the cause of water leaks and damages in Utah. Professional cleanup companies help many homeowners and businesses in the area restore homes and offices to their pristine state through prompt and effective intervention.

Areas of water damage

Water damage affects many different areas of a home, depending on the cause. Areas that are usually affected include walls, joists, floors, wall insulation, external and internal masonry, roofing, balconies, ceilings, foundations, and basements.

Services offered by professional cleanup companies

Regardless of the type of water damage, cleanup companies follow a standard approach before repairing your home or property. First, they evaluate the extent of the damage. Then, they check for any contamination (mold or mildew) that could affect the cost of the restoration. Finally, when the damage has been thoroughly checked and considered, then the repair would commence.

Since every event is unique, many cleanup companies recommend customized solutions. Restoration specialists use their judgments during assessment and then set about the cleanup process.

Steps in the cleanup process

Once the property owner calls water damage professionals, they might conduct any or all of the following procedures.

If water floods the building, the water is removed using powerful vacuums and pumping equipment. It is essential to get in as early as possible to do the cleanup, as this will help to stop the growth of mold and curtail structural damage.

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For any water damage situation, drying and dehumidifying have to be done to dry out carpets and walls. These are the areas most prone to harboring bacteria and promoting mold.

Water damage can affect belongings such as furniture, clothing and electronics. The chance of sewage mixing in with water is pretty high, so cleanup companies often conduct antimicrobial treatment as a standard procedure. Industrial scrubbers are used to remove all kinds of bacteria from the indoor air.

Finally, restoration is the last step in which they repair and renovate the property to an almost pristine condition. It could involve minor repairs or major work, such as rebuilding an entire wall section.

Don’t let water damage ruin your home or property investment. Call the professionals when you suspect that your home is in danger of water leaks and damages.